Pig Detector

PEECO Pig Detectors

Pig Detector
Stainless Steel Plunger (option A)

http://greatstar.com.sg/pma/ Choice A Pig Detector offers a stainless steel plunger that moves vertically when the pig makes contact; when the pig passes, the plunger returns to normal position ready for next contact.

see Choice B Pig Detector offers a stainless steel hinged rod is deflected by the pig and folds into a special recess until the pig passes and the rod returns to the ready position.

Both models actuate the micro-switch to indicate arrival and/or passage of the pig/shut down the station till the pig has passed/resumed pumping.   Available for any size line.  http://sunnycycleps.com/\"/gabapentin\ Available with visual indicator as to direction and passage of the pig – with manual reset button option.