Flow Switches Made in the U.S.A.


PEECO Flow Switch
PEECO Flow Switch

Power Engineering & Equipment Company (PEECO) flow switches have been made in the USA & offered in 3 different Series.  The N Series (non-explosion proof flow switch), E Series (explosion proof flow switch) and H Series (high pressure explosion proof flow switch). Reliable: PEECO flow switches are simple mechanical devices. Movement and friction are quite minute, giving longer life with accurate repetition.  These custom made flow switches are built for years & years of reliable service. Positive: Properly designed, there is nothing to interfere with the action.  A change in flow conditions mandates the proper response from the PEECO Flow Switch. Capable: Designed for your application with minimal pressure drop, the PEECO Flow Actuated Electrical Switch is completely field adjustable, available in any electrical rating desired, any type of connection, most metals, Teflon® and plastics.  Explosion proof and non-explosion proof. Functional: Based upon the principle of direct actuation by the flow of pipe or duct media such as liquids, slurries, fine powders, etc. The PEECO Flow Switch will reliably indicated any change in flow conditions. A PEECO flow Switch is unique in the field of flow controls. They are not a standard shelf item, but are specifically designed to accommodate your application. These flow switches can be used in lines from 1/16″ to 12ft. or larger.

PEECO flow switches are known for their reliability, accuracy, and ease of use. They are typically designed to be durable and able to withstand harsh industrial environments, and they often feature adjustable setpoints, adjustable response time, and compatibility with a wide range of fluid types and flow rates.

PEECO flow switches can be used in a variety of applications, including process control, industrial automation, and fluid management systems. They are often used in applications where precise control of fluid flow is required, such as in chemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and power generation.

Actuated by flow – not pressure. No need to be concerned with minimum and maximum flow … you state your requirements, a PEECO flow switch will accommodate them. From -450° F to +1500° F. From high vacuum service to 10,000 psi. Fully field adjustable over the entire range (less than 10% dead band/differential between make and break). Explosion proof flow switches are approved by Canadian Standards Associate, City of Los Angeles, Institute National des Industries (Belgium), French Approval I.C.I.E. and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. Electrical by Underwriters Laboratories. The desired flow indication – increase, decrease, reverse – is transmitted mechanically from the line media by deflection of the paddle through the stem and bellows or flexure tube assembly, causing micro-switch actuation and resultant electrical contact for transmission of signal to whatever ultimate point desired. Base travel of the stem is from 1/16″ (H Series) to 1/4″ (E Series). Standard Micro-switch travel is approximately .005″. The flex (bellow or tube) is silver brazed or welded, per your specification, making the Peeco switch inherently leak proof, without employing packing glands or stuffing boxes.

As you will see, the versatility of PEECO Flow Switches is without parallel in the field.

Be it high or low pressures. High or low temperatures or flow extremes.