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PEECO E Series Flow Switch

PEECO E Series Flow Switch

For Hazardous Locations with Maximum Allowable Pressure up to 600 PSI

For Liquid or Gas Service

PEECO E Series Flow Switch
PEECO E Series Flow Switch

The PEECO E Series Flow Switch is a flow actuated electrical switch and is unique in the field of flow controls. These switches are not a standard shelf item, but are specifically produced to accommodate your application. The PEECO flow switches are maintenance free in lines from 1/16″ to 12′ or larger.  The PEECO E Series flow switch is explosion proof model.  All E Series models are rugged, heavy duty units exceeding all UL Code requirements. Each of the four basic styles are adaptable to many other fittings and configurations. Utilizing 1/4″ thick Heat treated aluminum cover with 5 fully engaged threads, these units are designed to encapsulate any internal explosion. All PEECO explosion proof models meet Class 1, Group D requirements for use in hazardous locations. The housing & cover are both made of heat treated aluminum T-356 and are epoxy coated (for extra protection). Conduit outlet: 1/2″ FNPT on all models; 3/4″ and metric sizing available.

Standard Specifications include:

Cover: Heat Treated Aluminum 356-T6
Housing: Heat Treated Aluminum 356-T6
Body: Carbon Steel or 316SS
Bellows: Seamless 321 Stainless Steel
Stem Paddle: 302, 303 Stainless Steel
Bearings: 440C Stainless Steel Micro Ball
Name Plates: Aluminum
Micro Switch: 15A, 125-250-480 VAC SPDT 1/2 A., 125VDC (1 N.O., 1 N.C., 1 Comm.)
Conduit Connection: 1/2” FNPT
Maximum Pressure: 600 psi (41 Bar)
Maximum Temperature: 300° F (148°C)

Some of the common options added to this flow switch include:

How Does a PEECO E Series Flow Switch Work?

PEECO ET CUTAWAYPEECO flow switches are actuated by flow – not pressure. No need to be concerned with minimum and maximum flow … you state your requirements, PEECO will accommodate them. From -450° F to +1500° F. From high vacuum service to 600 psi. Fully field adjustable over the entire range (less than 10% dead band/differential between make and break).

The desired flow indication – increase, decrease, reverse – is transmitted mechanically from the line media by deflection of the paddle through the stem and bellows assembly, causing micro-switch actuation and resultant electrical contact for transmission of signal to whatever ultimate point desired.

Base travel of the PEECO E Series flow switch stem is 1/4″. Standard Micro-switch travel is approximately .005″

Our trained technical staff is available (at no cost to you) for consultation, design suggestions, engineering, layout problems or a general discussion of PEECO flow actuated electrical switches and their place in the dynamics of flow.

Available PEECO Models

Wafer Mount Model ET-F


Connection: Wafer Tee
Standard Size: 2″ 150# or 300# R.F.
Optional: Any size, style and rating.
Line Size: 2″ and under (standard) over 2″ (optional).
Also available in low and low-low flow models

Threaded Tee Mount Model ET


Connection: Screwed Tee.
Standard Size: Specify Size.
Optional: Socket-Weld, Butt-Weld.
Line Size: 2″ and under (standard) over 2″ (optional).
Also available in low and low-low flow model.

Screwed MNPT Mount Model EP-S


Connection: Screwed Top Mount.
Standard Size: 2″ npt.
Optional Size: Any other size.
Line Sizes: 2½” and up.

Flanged Mount Model EP-F


Connection: Flanged
Standard Size: 2″ 150# or 300# R.F.
Optional Size: Any size, style and rating.
Line Size: 2½” and up.
(specify distance from face of mounting flange to top i.d. or c/l of pipe and pipe size)

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