Flow Switches Made in the U.S.A.

Flow Switches for High Temperature Duct Mounting

Flow Switches for High Temperature Duct Mounting

High Temperature Flow Switch for Duct Mounting
High Temperature Duct Mounted

For Air Temperatures to 1,500° F

PEECO Flow Switches for high temperature duct mounting are specially designed for use at elevated duct temperatures.  The standard flow switches are rated for 300°F.  We can achieve 400°F ratings with a simple micro-switch upgrade.  For temperatures over 400°F, the PEECO duct mounted flow switch can be supplied with a variable lengths of convoluted stainless steel body extensions.  These “finned rings” stainless steel body extensions will protect the electrical contacts and permit rapid heat dissipation from process conditions.  The number of “finned rings” directly correlates to the maximum temperature rating required.  When used in conjunction with our high temperature micro-switch, this flow switch provides superior performance at temperatures other switches only dream about.

The duct mount design features a duct mounting plate along with a ultra wide paddle.

Duct Mount High Heat
Closer Look at Heat Rings

Available on explosion-proof, non-explosion proof and high pressure models.